About us

Primea is a derivative of the Latin word Prima and simply means 'first' or 'most important' and as such Primea.earth was set as the domain name so as to emphasise what this enterprise considers to be top priority.

We live in a time when Mother Earth hasn't been accorded that and we find ourselves not on the brink, but in the midst of a climate and an environmental crisis that continues to escalate due to human behaviour and the choices that are making.

Much of it has to do

Coming from a background of 15 years in film and media, Kash decided to embark on his entrepreneurial journey in 2021, upon seeing the need for a greater influx of eco products in the marketplace.

Recognising hemp as a plant that could revolutionise industries everywhere, he established Asian Hemp Company. During that time, he became familiar with and began to understand the need for plant based technology to permeate our societies so as to foster a greener and healthier world. That enterprise has now evolved into Primea so as to shine the spotlight on the entire of plant based, eco goods in the world.

Outside of his enterprise, he spends his time reading, travelling, playing various sports and indulging his love for music, cinema, science and beer.

-Kash Singh - Founder