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At Primea, we're dedicated to influencing the way we live and consume. We scour the globe to source high-quality, eco-friendly products that not only reduce harm to our planet but that are excellent substitutes for conventional goods.

Our mission is to drive a movement towards a healthy, environmentally conscious and prosperous world by bringing to the fore the best of plant based innovation.

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Our Story

The Philosphy

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"Our motto is :

‘’Sustainable Choices, Your Lifestyle’

In the modern world and especially in urban environments, living Eco-Friendly is very challenging. And we can’t be expected to be eco-saints - simply because the vast majority of consumption options don’t fall in that bracket. So either we change our lifestyles or we change the palette of options. We choose to do the latter.

The Products

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Gathered from diverse global suppliers our product range, is tailored for end consumers, retailers, product manufacturers, and designers. It includes a vibrant mix of fashion items like clothing and 'made for manufacture' products like paper.

All these products share the common features of being crafted from sustainable materials, meeting utility needs, and ensuring high quality standards.

We are committed to

greening the future.

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Sustainable Technology - Ecology Supply Chain

Sustainable Suppliers

Enterprises Worldwide Committed To Working Only With Sustainable Materials

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Quality Assurance

We ensure quality and authenticity before adding products to our platform.

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Customer Satisfaction

We prioritize your lifestyle needs and accessibility, along with eco-consciousness.

Meet the founder of Primea

Kash Singh


A seasoned creative media professional with 10+ years of experience, Kash brings a unique blend of artistic expression and self taught business acumen to the table. As a stage performer (musician & stand-up comedian), writer, producer, and director, he has honed his skills across diverse platforms and cultures, having lived and worked in Hawaii, California and Singapore.

He embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 2021 with the Asian Hemp Company, later rebranded to Primea in 2023. This venture equipped him with in-depth knowledge of the eco-industry, particularly the vast potential of hemp.

Fueled by a boundless wanderlust, he has explored nearly 50 countries and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. When not conquering business challenges, he can be found indulging passions like motor racing, football, books, a good beer and gazing at the stars.


Alternatively, you can contact us at:

+65 83098402

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"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."


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